This policy is designed to encourage collaboration between FSC, accredited certification bodies and others in the development and testing of FSC standards. The objective is to enable FSC to work more closely with companies to test new FSC proposals draft standards before they are finalised.

The benefit to FSC is to gain better understanding of the practical impacts of draft standards at an early stage of development, so as to ensure that they are fine-tuned prior to seeking formal endorsement. The benefit to companies is that they can gain early experience in the implementation of new systems and early access to use of the FSC trademarks for innovative products. Companies are able to assist FSC to better adapt standards to their respective systems and needs.


FSC-POL-01-001 EN FSC Policy for Pilot Tests of Draft FSC Standards.pdf

FSC-POL-01-001 ES Política para Pruebas Piloto de los Borradores de Normas del FSC.pdf