User Manual: How to register for the GA and manage my participation

This user guide will walk you through each step of the process of registering for the FSC general assembly, from the creation of your FSC Connect account to your registration for the GA and payment. It will also give you all steps to manage your participation, such as designating a Proxy or creating your agenda as these become available.

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GA Registration

Register for the GA

Your registration to FSC general assembly will take place via FSC Events. FSC Events is a web application for various FSC events. It allows you to register for an event, appoint a Proxy, and create your agenda. 

In order to register and access FSC Events, you must first have an active FSC Connect account. FSC Connect is the gateway portal that provides access to various FSC tools, content, and data. It delivers centred, digital solutions to help you engage with FSC.    

Create an FSC Connect account
Activate your FSC Connect account
Register for the FSC General Assembly

How to create an FSC Connect account

If this is your first time engaging with FSC digitally, most likely you will need to create an FSC Connect account.  

If you are a Member, Certificate Holder, Certification Body, Promotional Licence Holder, Staff or Network Partner, you should have received an invitation from us to create and activate your FSC Connect account. If you didn’t, please contact us at

If you are a non-designated representative, media, observer, etc. please follow the steps below to create your account.


 Register by using the following Sign-up form. Fill in all the relevant information and click on “Sign up”.


Events sign up form



Proceed with the activation of your FSC Connect account. Please check the detailed steps on how to do so above.

How to activate your FSC Connect account


 Please check your email inbox for the email FSC has sent you with the subject line "Join us for the FSC general assembly 2022 - Activate your FSC Connect account to register" and click on “Activate my account”.  

*If you didn’t receive the email, please contact us at


Activation email


 A new window will open containing your activation code. This activation code is unique to you and your email address, please don’t share the code or link with others.


Activation code


 Click on the “Continue” button. Create and confirm your new password. Then click on “Continue”. 


password set up

How to register for the FSC General Assembly 2022

To go ahead with the registration for the General Assembly, you will need an active FSC Connect account. If you don’t have one, please check the steps on how to create and activate your account above.


 Login to FSC Connect. Use your email address and your password and click on “Login”.

*For FSC International Members: Your Members' Portal account and your FSC Connect account are one and the same, you can use the same credentials to log in.


FSC Connect log in

FSC Connect log in


 Go to the Events Portal (you can find it under the app menu in the top right corner) or click on any “Register” buttons on the page. Please read and accept the Terms and Conditions to continue.


events register


Once in the Events Portal click on the “Register” button.


registration page



A new page will open, please fill in the information about your attendance and confirm your type of registration (virtual or in-person). 


registration form


*At this stage, you can decide whether you want to grant permission for the creation and use of photographs/video/audio recordings during the event and subscribe to our daily GA Newsletter to stay tuned with the latest updates during the event.


If you are a member and require financial assistance to participate in the GA, you can request it directly at this point. Please click on the checkbox I request financial support and select what type of financial support you would like to request.


financial assistance request


*Please note that Financial Assistance for Airfare and Accommodation can only be requested when attending the event in-person.  

Once you have submitted your request, you can pause your registration. We will get back to you via email with updates on your request and the next steps to complete your registration.

If you don’t require or cannot request financial assistance, please skip this step.


 Go to the payment section by clicking on “Continue with payment”. select your preferred payment method





If you have a promotional code, you can redeem it at this point (please verify that it was applied correctly by checking the updated registration fee). Then proceed with the payment.


promo code



If you’re paying via PayPal or with credit card, a new window will redirect you to the payment website, please follow the steps to complete your payment.


paypal payment



If you wish to pay via Bank Transfer, please take note of the bank details displayed on the screen and proceed with the payment at your convenience.


bank transfer


 Done! Your registration is completed.

If you paid online, you will see your registration confirmation, and registration number right away on the screen and by email.


registration confirmation



If you paid via bank transfer, we will confirm your registration via email once we have verified your payment.


confirmation email