FSC Tools & Resources

FSC offers a variety of digital tools and resources to help you engage with us.

While some tools are restricted to specific stakeholders, others are available to anyone who would like to take a deep dive into the FSC system. Take a look at our tool index below, to find more information about each tool and how you can use it to collaborate with us.

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Tools accessible to everyone

These tools and resources are available to anybody who is interested and wants to actively engage with FSC. You can access our e-training offer, participate in consultations, and get information on certifications and other specific topics.

document centre

Document Centre

Find all documents related to FSC’s standards, policies, and procedures.

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certificate search

Certificate Search

Access the latest information on FSC certificate holders. Search by licence code, certificate code, organization name, local name, or state/province licence code.

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consultation platform

Consultation Platform

Provide input on FSC standards and policies being created or revised. The platform is open to anyone but requires registration.

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etraining platform

E-Training Platform

Access online FSC training on a variety of topics. Most of the courses are free, but some options require payment. This training is open to anyone but requires registration.

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Tools restricted to FSC partners

These tools and resources require that you are currently affiliated with FSC. They provide a space for easy collaboration between Members, Certification Bodies, Certificate Holders, and Auditors, among others and FSC.

members portal

Members’ Portal

Primary platform for information sharing and collaboration among FSC members.

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events portal

Events Portal

Provides registration, planning, and logistics information for in-person and online events.

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voting app

GA Voting App

Web and mobile app that enables members to vote on motions and strategic issues.

digital audit reporting

Digital Audit Reporting

Certification Bodies
COMING SOON - Digital template for capturing data, reporting, and managing audits from forest management evaluations.

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GIS Platform

GIS Platform

Certification Bodies
Application that provides spatial forest-relevant information and satellite imagery to calculate and highlight the dynamics of certified forest areas.

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Certificate Holders
COMING SOON - Provides secure records of transactions between FSC certificate holders to reduce errors and help eliminate false claims.

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Certificate administration

Certificate Administration

Certificate Holders
Facilitates the signature of FSC trademark licence agreements and communicates any updates to certification requirements.

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E-Commerce labelling

E-Commerce Labelling

Certificate Holders & Promotional Licence Holders
Enables the affiliation to sustainability programs and the upload of certificate-related data to promote FSC-certified products online. 

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trademark Portal

Trademark Portal

Certificate Holders & Promotional Licence Holders
Provides access to the FSC trademarks, including on-product labels or promotional panels, and certificate status watch.

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CB Trademark Resources

CB Trademark Resources

Certification Bodies
Documents and resources accessible to FSC-accredited CBs. The documents contain business information and guidance on the use of FSC Trademarks.

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Marketing Toolkit

Marketing Toolkit

Certificate Holders & Promotional Licence Holders
Helps FSC certificate and licence holders promote their association with FSC. 

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