Stakeholder Engagement

Effective engagement with a variety of stakeholders is a crucial part of our strategy as an organization, and a determining factor in the success of our projects. From solutions forums to direct engagement with governments and other important partners, we take an active role in many dialogue platforms.

The European Green Deal is the European Commission’s strategy aimed at tackling climate and environmental-related challenges. It sets out a variety of policy initiatives with the overarching aim of making the EU climate neutral by 2050.  
FSC Sustainable Intensification
CC Felix Mittermeier
To provide forest materials to a growing world population, production must be increased. At the same time, we are faced with a global need to stop deforestation and forest degradation, and the need to protect high conservation values, including intact forest landscapes. To stop biodiversity loss and retain forest ecosystem services, much more forest area should be protected.
North Macedonia forest
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In February 2022 the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) announced the start of a process to discuss GE (Genetic Engineering) outside of FSC certified area. The FSC International Board appointed a Panel of Experts to provide advice on how a GE Learning Process could help FSC gain sufficient and trusted knowledge on developments in genetic engineering in forestry.   After a planned review of the GE Learning Process during their Board Meeting in March 2023, the FSC Board of Directors decided to discontinue the learning process. The Board will discuss how to move forward with this discussion at their next Board Meeting in August 2023. Read the full announcement here.    
Globally, our forests are increasingly faced with deforestation and forest degradation. There is a growing need to protect forests with unique social and environmental values such as Intact Forest landscapes (IFL), old-growth forests, Indigenous Cultural Landscapes (ICL) and similar forests.  But often, there is disagreement on the right approach to protect or conserve these forests.   FSC is doing this by introducing a global framework for discussion and a new method for dialogues.