Datos y cifras

Nuestro mapa de datos y cifras ofrece una manera nueva de ver el crecimiento del área forestal mundial certificada conforme a los Principios y Criterios del FSC, así como el crecimiento mundial de la certificación de cadenas de suministro.


A simple vista

193,084,187 Certified Hectares

54,095 CoC Certificates

1,482 FM/CoC Certificates

1,610 Promotional licence holders

1,219 International members in 89 Paises

29 Years of existence

49 FM Certificate Holders with verified ecosystem services impacts in 18 Paises

Preguntas frecuentes

  1. Why does the number of certificates presented on the map differ from those in the pdf documents published on the FSC website?

    The data in FSC database is stored with certain accuracy (e.g. certain decimal). Depending on the purpose of data extraction, numbers are rounded up to a different decimal, therefore differences occur. Additionally, data for different purposes is extracted at different times from our database, which leads to variances.

*Los datos anteriores se actualizan diariamente