This addendum lists temporary derogations for the use of pesticides that are considered by FSC to be ‘highly hazardous'. These derogations have been individually approved by the FSC Pesticides Committee on behalf of the FSC Board of Directors. Derogations have been approved only when all the requirements of the Pesticides Derogation Procedure were met. They include strict conditions to be fulfilled by the certificate holders during the derogation period. Derogations are approved for the smallest applicable geographical scope. The derogations listed below are not valid for national use. The rationale for establishing such a list is to provide an overview of derogations used at global level.

FSC-PRO-30-001a EN List of approved derogations for use of HHP 28102019.pdf

FSC-PRO-30-001a ES Lista de derogaciones aprobadas para el uso de PAP 28102019.pdf