The FSC Search BETA is a preview of FSC’s new online search facility, where stakeholders can access a range of important information and data about FSC certificates and other information resources. 

FSC stakeholders are invited to try out the FSC Search BETA, and we invite stakeholders to provide feedback to support improving the usability and quality of information in the new search facility. 

FSC Search BETA - Interface Highlight

What happens next?

Try the new FSC Search BETA today!  We've developed new features will continuously release improvements, but at the same time, it is of great importance to hear what's your experience and opinion on the new FSC Search. 

Your feedback will help us optimize the user experience and functionalities of the new FSC Search. Once we're finished implementing all the changes and correcting issues, also considering your suggestions and feedback, the new FSC Search will replace the FSC Certificates Public DashboardUntil then the existing dashboard will be available, and this may be extended beyond the closure of the Beta phase for FSC Search.

Our goal in releasing the BETA version is to support rapid learning from feedback and agile IT feature development, and it’s important to note that your feedback may not receive a resolution immediately.  Some issues require considerable engineering and investigation work to resolve, and it can take time for those updates to make their way into the FSC Search BETA.  New features and known issues are outlined below, and as new features and improvements are defined and available, we’ll update this information until we have a final version available.

The following lists highlight the current features available for stakeholders to evaluate, the features that are coming soon, known issues, and feedback gathered.  This information was last updated, 14 April 2023.

Current Features of FSC Search Beta

  • Bookmark/Save list of certificates, and download bulk of certificate records (for FM and CoC-related certificate records) 
  • UPDATE:  Improved translations (Thank you to FSC Germany, FSC Japan, and FSC Ukraine).  User interfaces in more languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Ukrainian, and Russian) - Please note that we have machine translations that will be improved over time.
  • Availability to search more data (Project Certificates, Promotional License Holders) 
  • New functionalities to save and download Certificate details
  • Bug fixes for search filters, pagination of results, and display
  • Search by product type eg. paper, food, packaging, etc, or by tree species, or even by Country/Area
  • A fresh user interface with simple and advanced search choices 
  • Newly organized Certificate Details pages 
  • Data availability (Certificate finder, but check back for new features listed below under "Coming Soon")
  • Interfaces that match your screen size and positioning (mobile, tablet, PC) 
  • Under-the-hood data infrastructure for speed and security

Coming Soon

The following features currently being tested, including the Apps (iOS and Google Play).

  • New information resources to search (FSC Normative documents, Impact and other resources) 
  • FSC Search Apps for mobile and tablet on the Google Play and iOS App stores 

Improvements Implemented

Thanks to the feedback from our stakeholders and the hard work of our engineers, we are pleased to announce the following improvements are currently available to try out on the FSC Search BETA: 

  • FSC Search in more languages, and check back for improved translations
  • Corrections to labels in English and Spanish 
  • Corrected functionality to see information on lists of “Products” or “Group member / sites” that have 10 or more items 
  • Date information are now displayed in a more user-friendly format 
  • Misalignment of page graphics when a user types text in the search field 

Known Issues

  • “Role” of organization is listed as “Unknown” and the certificate details page does not display 

Features Under Review

Based on feedback received, the following features are under review for future enhancements:

  • Print function in browser of certificate detail page - Please note that the download certificate record function is already available
  • Search by former certificate code
  • Subscribe to FSC Developer API
  • CB details (full name)
  • Open certificate details in new window
  • Show contact details of certified company
  • For the FSC App, scan the code with camera