Forest Peoples Programme, on behalf of the Dayak Bahau Busaang indigenous community of Long Isun, filed a Policy for Association complaint against Roda Mas Timber Kalimantan alleging “violation of traditional and human rights in forestry operations” and “conversion of High Conservation Value Forests in forestry operations” by PT. Kemakmurn Berkah Timber (PT. KBT). PT. KBT is majority owned under Roda Mas of the Harita Group* and as such the complaint is against the several FSC certified companies of Roda Mas of the Harita Group under FSC’s definition of indirect involvement.

FSC has accepted the complaint but will defer proceeding with a formal investigation in accordance with FSC-PRO-01-009 until further notice due to the resource and travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.

In the meantime, FSC has strongly encouraged both parties of the complaint to work together in coming to a process agreement to address the grievances referenced in the complaint.  


A summary of steps taken and outcomes in the case to date.

May 2023

FSC has decided to continue processing this case and pursue the direct decision pathway. A decision panel of external experts has been constituted to apply the provisions of FSC´s Policy for Association (PfA).

February 2023

FSC will not proceed with the alternative dispute resolution process with the Harita group after its corporate group member and FSC certificate holder, PT Roda Mas Timber Kalimantan (RMTK), self-terminated their FSC certificate in 2022.

September 2021

FSC begins development of criteria to assess whether the use of mediation or other alternative dispute resolution measure can be an effective tool in resolving this dispute.

May 2020

FSC accepts complaint but delays processing it under FSC-PRO-009 until May 2021 due to COVID-19. FSC has requested that the parties reach a process agreement towards addressing the grievances found in the complaint.

January 2020

FPP files complaint against Roda Mas of the Harita Group on behalf of the Dayak Bahau Busaang indigenous community of Long Isun.