FSC Risk Assessments

FSC Risk Assessments assess the risk of sourcing material from supply areas and establish mitigation measures to address those identified risks. Companies can find mitigation measures from the assessment based on the framework. The risk assessment is a document that contains indicators covering several key requirements for FSC such as High Conservation Values, human and labour rights, environmental protection, among others.



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FSC Risk Assessment Framework

FSC-PRO-60-006b FSC Risk Assessment Framework provides a comprehensive tool for companies to assess and mitigate risks of sourcing forest materials.

With 64 indicators for assessing risks connected to relevant social and environmental aspects, FSC’s Risk Assessment Framework is aligned with EUDR regulatory requirements to ensure responsible sourcing.  The next generation of FSC’s existing risk assessments for controlled wood sourcing will be based on this updated framework and valid for both Regulatory Module users and Controlled Wood users. 

Risk Assessment Template.xlsm
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Risk Assessment Template

FSC's Risk Assessment Template sets the foundation to assess and mitigate risk of sourcing from uncertified area.

To ensure all features of the template are enabled right click on the file before opening, selecting Properties, and then check the “unblock” button at the bottom of the popup. Learn more here about unblocking the macros here

If you have issues downloading the document or enabling the features contact country_requirements@fsc.org


Risk Assessment Quick Guide.pdf
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Quick Guide: Develop an FSC Risk Assessment

Review this summary on the main steps included when developing an FSC Risk Assessment. 

FSC Risk Assessment Infokit.pdf
PDF, Size: 7.98MB

How to develop an FSC Risk Assessment

This supporting document provides guidance on how to use the FSC Risk Assessment Framework to develop or revise an FSC Risk Assessment. 

Find Controlled Wood Risk Assessments

This interactive map provides a simplified, easy-to-use overview of the contents of all 60 FSC risk assessments for use when applying FSC-STD-40-005 Requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood based on FSC-PRO-60-002a. On this table you can find summaries of the risk descriptions and the precise control measures that are contained in the original risk assessments. This information is provided with the intent of making it more accessible to certificate holders and certification bodies. The definitive information is found in the FSC risk assessments on the FSC Document Centre. Note these Risk Assessments are not applicable for users of FSC's Regulatory Module or looking to use FSC to support compliance with EUDR.