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We are committed to data-driven monitoring. FSC is continuously updating traditional methods of data collection and analytics, in order to help us expand data sources and conduct more comprehensive and innovative data projects. These projects will be carried out by the Data Analytics, Evaluation and Learning Programme.

FSC Impact
FSC GD / Arturo Escobar

Evaluation of impact

We collect various types of data to monitor and evaluate our performance against the desired change we want to achieve in forest management practices. This allows us to evaluate our impacts. 

The term 'impact' may be understood in many ways and can be difficult to evaluate due to a number of conditions forests are subject to, whether they are certified or not. Therefore, collection of relevant data and its analysis in any impact assessment must be carried out comprehensively and carefully.


FSC Roadmap to Change
CC N Space
How does FSC intend to generate social, environmental and economic benefits on the ground? In this section, we explain the mechanisms linking our standards with our vision.
FSC Impact Demonstrating Impact
FSC GD / Arturo Escobar
We are dedicated to compiling evidence to demonstrate outcomes and impacts of FSC certification. Currently, the two main sources of evidence are internally generated data and independent scientific studies.


FSC Monitoring and Evaluation Public Report 2022
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FSC Monitoring and evaluation public report 2021.pdf
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FSC Monitoring and evaluation public report 2020.pdf
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