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Facts & Figures

Our facts and figures map provides a new way to see the growth in global forest area certified to FSC Principles and Criteria, as well as the global supply chain certification growth.



At a Glance

161,322,153 Certified Hectares

61,803 CoC Certificates

1,547 FM/CoC Certificates

1,721 Promotional licence holders

1,183 International members in 89 Countries

30 Years of existence

76 FM Certificate Holders with verified ecosystem services impacts in 24 Countries

Community and family forests dashboard


  1. What is the purpose of the Facts & Figures dashboard?

    The purpose is to see the growth in global forest areas certified to FSC Principles and Criteria, as well as the global supply chain certification growth. The dashboard answers the following questions:

    1. What is the total forest management certified area globally, and how is it distributed? 
    2. What is the total number of forest management certificates and chain of custody certificates, and how they are distributed globally?
    3. What are the trends at global, regional, and national scales?
  2. Where is the information presented in the Facts & Figures dashboard coming from?

    The information is updated automatically, and it is obtained from the Certificate holder's annual reports. 

  3. Why does the number of certificates presented on the map differ from those in the pdf documents published on the FSC website?

    The data in FSC database is stored with certain accuracy (e.g. certain decimal). Depending on the purpose of data extraction, numbers are rounded up to a different decimal, therefore differences occur. Additionally, data for different purposes is extracted at different times from our database, which leads to variances.

*The data above is updated on a daily basis