System Integrity

FSC provides organizations and consumers worldwide with the confirmation that the forest products they buy and sell come from sustainably managed resources. The credibility of FSC certification rests on the integrity and robustness of this system.

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What is system integrity?

System integrity is an important area of work for FSC, through which we ensure that the certification system is protected from certificate holders who violate certification standards or FSC’s Policy for Association. Organizations who are found to have to have violated any of FSC's standards or policies face serious consequences.

Our system integrity processes are based on the following core underlying principles:

  • Assertively deal with organizations that don't conform to the provisions of FSC's normative documents
  • In the context of an ever-growing certification system, explore new and innovative technology-enabled tools to:
    • Ensure that the robustness of FSC's system integrity is maintained at lower costs
    • Find more efficient and effective ways of detecting and managing risks in the system
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Supply chain integrity

We use a variety of tools to identify, investigate and prevent cases the entry and use of uncertified material the supply chains of FSC-certified products.


Policy for Association

Destructive activities have devastating impacts on forests and its people. With this tool, we go beyond our certificate holders and hold organizations accountable.

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FSC Remedy Framework

Two ground-breaking procedures providing remedy requirements enabling organizations to address past social and environmental harms.

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Making the simple the strongest

The promise behind the FSC label is fundamental to all that we do. That is why we take the integrity of our system very seriously and have ramped up investments in systems and staff over the last years.

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