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FSC-PRO-30-006 Ecosystem Services Procedure: Impact Demonstration and Market Tools


Motion 49 will explore the possibilities and suitability of ES Pro for demonstrating progress toward science-based targets in achieving net zero, as well as climate-positive, net-positive targets for biodiversity, and water using a mitigation hierarchy approach. Moreover, it will consider the possibility of compensation or neutralization within and beyond value chains i.e., with neutralization mainly focusing on the residual emissions. 

Process objectives
  • Clarify the concepts of mitigation hierarchy, neutralization, and compensation of residual impacts beyond value chains. 

  • Provide analysis of technical requirements to address the requirements of the M49/2021 in the ES PRO as related to: 

    • Mitigation hierarchy, compensation, and neutralization of residual impacts beyond value chains;

    • Use of FSC-verified ES impacts for making claims towards achieving science-based targets at all stages of the mitigation hierarchy, including water neutrality, net-positive or no-net-loss biodiversity, net-zero climate impacts, and integrated nature-positive strategies. 

  • Provide an analysis of the risks related to the above-mentioned concepts/requirements and the feasibility of the options to safeguard against them. 

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February 2024 to November 2024

Consultancy selected and work begun to analyse the suitability of Ecosystem Services Procedure for all stages of the mitigation hierarchy aligned with the science-based targets.  

September 2023

​​​​​​The Policy Steering Group approves conducting the revision of the Ecosystem Services Procedure in two phases.  

Phase 2 will fully implement Motion 49/2021, in particular the use of FSC verified ES impacts for compensation or neutralization of residual impacts beyond value chains.