FSC International received a complaint from the organization Agrupacion de Ingenieros Forestales para el Bosque Nativo (AIFBN) about a series of racist comments that had been published on Bosques Cautin Director General’s personal Facebook page. FSC required the following immediate action points to be implemented:

  • A written public apology on behalf of Bosques Cautin to the Mapuche people, including a declaration denouncing racism;
  • Develop environmental projects and implementing social measures to compensate the indigenous Mapuche people;
  • Modify the company’s internal policies to be in line with the principle of “zero tolerance of racism”; and
  • Produce an Action Plan and final report outlining the actions conducted by Bosques Cautin.

Considering that all outlined requirements were met by the company, it was unnecessary to go through an entire investigative procedure and the case was effectively closed. 

May 2015

Bosques Cautin sends FSC International a progress report.

Bosques Cautin submits an action plan for the implementation of the environmental projects and social measures.

April 2015

Bosques Cautin submits an apology letter to the organizations representing the Mapuche communities, and publishes it on the company’s website.

February 2015

Bosques Cautin modifies its internal policies and procedures to include zero tolerance and procedures to include zero tolerance for racist behaviour, and informs its workers.

December 2014

AIFBN files a PfA complaint against Bosques Cautin. FSC International acknowledges receipt of complaint. 

FSC Chile initiates a meeting with Bosques Cautin. FSC International informs AIFBN that the complaint will not be processed by the FSC Policy for Association Procedure (FSC-PRO-01-009), but proposes an alternative approach.

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