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FSC-PRO-60-010 V1-0; FSC-STD-20-007


Procedure; Standard

Strategic alignment

Contributes to Goal 1.2 of the FSC Global Strategy 2021-2016: Streamline policies and standards towards outcome orientation.

Technical Working Group Members
  • Liviu Amariei, Astra Academy
  • Hando Hain, Preferred by Nature
  • Ellen Keyti, Imaflora
  • Keith Moore, Moore Resource Management
  • Mikhail Karpachesckiy, FSC Russia


February 2023

Procedure and guidance for the Development of a Forest Stewardship Standard Risk Assessment published. 

November 2022

FSC-PRO-60-010 V2-1 Development of a Forest Stewardship Standard Risk Assessment and FSC-GUI-60-010 V2-0 EN Development of a Forest Stewardship Risk Assessment approved by the FSC Board of Directors. 

15 July 2021 - 12 September 2021
Public Consultation Open

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13 March – 14 April 2020
Call for applications to join the Technical Working Group developing risk-based approaches for forest management certification.
17 May - 16 July 2019
Public stakeholder consultation on all Risk-based approaches components
January - April 2019
Training and calibration workshops on the new procedure and guideline
November - December 2018
08 November 2018
Publication of FSC-PRO-60-010 and accompanying Guideline FSC-GUI-60-010
19 April 2018
Hosted a workshop on incorporating risk-based approaches at the annual certification body meeting.
October 2017
Published two discussion papers and presented our ideas at the FSC General Assembly in Vancouver.
April - September 2017
We invited all FSC national offices to share their experience working with risk in developing national forest stewardship standards. We received 13 submissions.