Project title

Pilot testing Type III group model




Pilot test

Start date

September 2018

End date

December 2020

  1. To assess the feasibility of including forestry contractors into the FSC group certification framework.
  2. To identify impacts of this new solution to FSC certification processes.
  3. To provide input to the revision processes of FSC Standard for Group Entities in Forest Management Groups (FSC-STD-30-005) and Forest management evaluations (FSC-STD-20-007) respectively.
Strategic alignment

At the 2017 General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, the membership approved Motion 46 with a focus on developing new solutions, specifically the inclusion of forestry contractors into the FSC certification framework.


March 2021

The Performance and Standards Unit presented a recommendation to FSC Board of Directors (BM 86) that explained that forestry contractors have been formally included as an optional element in the revised FM Groups standard which allows Group Entities to include contractors into the scope of FM/CoC group certificates. The potential use of existing forestry contractor certification schemes should be further explored as part of the revision of the normative documents that are related to the national standard setting and revision processes. The proposal was accepted.

The FSC Board also requested the provision of guidance and support for the uptake of the revised FM Groups standard. This will include specific projects with FSC network partners and regional offices. The uptake of the revised standard will be monitored and evaluated as well as how beneficial the possibility of including forestry contractors into the FM/CoC group certificates turns out to be.

May to July 2020
Desk assessments involving all pilot participants (Certificate Holders and Certification Bodies)
April 2020
Evaluation Framework presented to Policy Steering Group (PSG).
November 2019
The recommendation from PSC was presented and approved by FSC Board of Directors.

The pilot test was extended one year, and its scope was broadened.

September 2019

PSC recommended the extension of the pilot test to further explore the options included in the proposal

October 2018 and September 2019
Pilot testing implementation.
26 September 2018
Selection of participating certificate holders for the pilot testing.
31 July 2018
Call for expression of interest to participate in the pilot testing of Type III group model.
16 July 2018
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the pilot approved by the FSC Board of Directors.
16 May 2018
Policy and Standards Committee (PSC) recommendation for approval.
7 November 2017
‘Reaching Smallholders in the Global North: Forestry contractor certification’

A discussion paper explaining the concept was open for a 30-days public consultation.

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13 October 2017
Motion GA 2017:46 has passed