Planned duration

July 2020 - September 2022

Process background

Certificate holders (CHs) have adopted credit/ percentage systems that allow them to share credit/percentage volumes across multiple sites. This practice is currently only permitted when all sites are located within the same country or in the Eurozone. Acknowledging the positive impact of the system, FSC is exploring the opportunity to enable it in other regions.

The pilot project was established to have a comprehensive evaluation of the social, environmental, and economic benefits and costs of the application of the credit system (or percentage system) at a multiple-site level when enabling cross-site and cross-border credit/ percentage volume sharing without the transfer of physical material for certificate holders between:

  • Canada and the US (North America), and
  • non-Eurozone and Eurozone countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).
Process objective

The pilot project aims to display positive impacts and flexibility of the FSC CoC standard.

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December 2023 - March 2024
“Integrity risk” analysis

To consolidate the decision-making, FSC decided to seek further evidence on the long-term impacts and other potential “integrity risks” by approaching different key stakeholders. See details.  

February 2023
Project result analysis

Seven (7) certificate holders participated in the project. The results showed positive impacts on certificate holders, including better logistics and resource planning, more efficient usage of FSC Credits, and broadening of FSC-certified projects/offerings on the market.

No concerns were raised, and no long-term impacts were recorded.

September 2022
End of project duration
October 2021
Project monitoring phase 1
March 2021
Baseline evaluation