Planned duration
February 2022 - March 2024
Process background

Although many businesses have been purchasing both labelled and unlabeled FSC certified finished products, despite having a sustainable procurement policy, they cannot make procurement claims due to the absence of normative requirements for procurement claims within the FSC system.

Many certificate holders on the other hand may be purchasing large volumes of FSC input but cannot make FSC claims on finished products due to various reasons. The demand to make procurement claims have been an ongoing request from (internal and external) stakeholders.

Process objective

The purpose of the pilot is to test the feasibility of procurement claims, and their verification based on a streamlined FSC Chain of Custody standard. Organizations will be able to make procurements claims for purchases of FSC raw materials, and semi-finished products for chosen product categories. These claims come with the added legitimacy of participating in the project, rather than being made in an unverified setting.

Process coordinator


14 December 2021
Call for participants

Applications are possible until 30 September 2022. Application files can be found below.

Important documents

Procurement claims pilot project application information
ZIP, Size: 1.42MB
Procurement Pilot FAQ July 2022.pdf
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