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Project Title

Policy for Association Remediation Framework

Project Coordinator

Amparo Arellano,

Technical Coordinator

Anna Jenkins (Ethical Change)

Project Supervisor

Salem Jones,

Purpose of the project

To develop a standardized and replicable framework applicable to all roadmap processes for ending disassociation, for addressing environmental and social harm arising from unacceptable activities referred to as the FSC Policy for Association Remediation Framework.


March 2022

The Conversion Remedy Procedure and Policy for Association Remediation Framework have now been merged into one document: the FSC Remedy Framework.

The FSC Remedy Framework is now open for consultation, participate here.

For information on further developments on the FSC Remedy Framework visit the process page here.

January 2022
Remedy Framework

This process and resulting document has been incorporated into the FSC Remedy Framework. Please check the relevant process page here for updates.

9 & 10 August 2021

Webinar ‘FSC Remediation Framework and Conversion Remedy Procedure: Synergies and differences between the two frameworks’

Click here to see the webinar recording from 9 August in English, here in Spanish, and  here in Bahasa Indonesian. Click here to see the recording of the webinar session on 10 August in Spanish.

To see an introductory video about the FSC Remediation Framework click here

30 June - 22 July 2021


FSC will be hosting a series of stakeholder engagement initiatives in the coming weeks, including:

Join one of the multiple webinars we are organizing and make your voice heard, and we will ensure that your comments are included into the consultation process.


30 June 2021

Webinar ‘FSC Policy for Association Remediation Framework: process update and Q&A’ 

Register here for the morning webinar session (8:00 am CEST) and here for the afternoon webinar session (4:00 pm CEST). 

21 June – 21 August 2021

Draft “FSC Policy for Association Remediation Framework” is now open for stakeholder consultation and feedback. You can access the Consultation Platform here.

Stakeholder engagement and input is key in the process of developing this framework.  

We welcome the participation of all who care about FSC to join the conversation on its future - the forest managers, the merchants and producers, the manufacturers, the NGOs, scientists, investors, and forest communities, from north, south, east and west. We look forward to your participation and input into this important process!

See a summary of the results of this stakeholder consultation here

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Introduction of the FSC Remedy Framework

The FSC One Remedy Framework is currently being developed to lead to social and environmental remedy, driving positive impacts on the forests and the people that depend on them.

Video Links:

Introduction of the FSC Remedy Framework (EN)

Présentation du Cadre FSC Framework (FR)

Selamat Datang di Pengantar Kerangka Kerja Remediasi FSC (IND)