Project title

Proposal for FSC forestry contractors certification



Start date

May 2018

End date

November 2020

  1. To assess how forestry contractor certification could be incorporated into the FSC system.
  2. To identify the impacts of this proposal to FSC certification processes.
  3. To provide input to other areas of the FSC normative framework that would require revision to be adapted to this new concept.
Strategic alignment

At the 2017 General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, the membership approved Motion 46 with a focus on developing new solutions, including new ideas not currently contemplated in the FSC normative framework and system.

Technical working group

Justinas Janulaitis, NEPCon, Certification body

Sigitas Girdziušas, Darnūs miškai, Certificate holder

Aidas Pivoriūnas, FSC Baltics

Simo Jaakkola, TAFFEC, Forestry contractor

Janne Näräkkä, Finnish Forest Industries Federation, FSC Member (Eco)

Matti Maajärvi, UPM, Certificate holder

Dana Doran, Professional Loggers of Maine, Forestry contractor

Andrew Goldberg, Rainforest Alliance, Certification body

Edward Wright, The Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands, Certificate holder


March 2020

FSC publishes factsheet on the forest contractor certification. 

November 2019
The recommendation from PSC was presented to FSC Board of Directors

The Board requested that an additional analysis was done, which was incorporated with with another initiative on the same topic – Group Model Type III pilot test.


September 2019
The proposal was presented and approved by Policy Standards Committee (PSC)
Quarter 1 2019

The Technical Working Group held several calls to incorporate the comments received during public consultation.

7 December 2018 to 6 January 2019
Public consultation

Draft 1 of the proposal for forestry contractors certification was open for a 30-days public consultation

30 October to 1 November 2018
International working group meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania
June to October 2018
Several online calls were held to advance on the proposal
1 June 2018
Terms of Reference (ToR)
1 May 2018
Selection of the Working Group members

See list of members in table above

7 November 2017
'Reaching Smallholders in the Global North: Forestry contractor certification’

A discussion paper explaining the concept was open for a 30-days public consultation.

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13 October 2017
Motion GA 2017:46 has passed
Factsheet_Forestry Contractors certification.pdf
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