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Normative Document
  1. FSC-STD-60-006 V1-2 Process Requirements for the development and maintenance of National Forest Stewardship Standards;
  2. FSC STD-60-002 V1-0 Structure and Content of National Forest Stewardship Standards;
  3. FSC-PRO-60-006 V2-0 Development and Transfer of National Forest Stewardship Standards to the FSC Principles and Criteria Version 5-1, and
  4. FSC-PRO-60-007 V1-2 Structure, Content and Development of Interim National Standards

The period of validity for all four documents has expired. Several factors and processes drive the revision of these requirements, including FSC Global Strategy and the current requirements for the revision of normative documents. The FSC Global Strategy requires outcome orientation, streamlining and data driven approach to be incorporated in the requirements for FSS development. Additionally, in the regular review process the Performance and Standards Unit (PSU), the Forest Management Community (FMC) and other stakeholders have found around 53 specific issues to be revised, e.g. inconsistency, redundancy and lack of clarity in the requirements for Forest Stewardship Standards

Process objectives

The objectives of the revision process are to:

1. Improve the quality of the FSS, their relevance, understandability, completeness, simplicity, user-friendliness while ensuring overall consistency with the FSC Normative Framework;

2. Incorporate outcome orientation (including monitoring and evaluation as well as data requirement) in the FSS process; and

3. Increase the efficiency and reliability of FSS development and maintenance processes.

Technical Working Group


Get involved

You can stay informed of the developments on this revision process by staying tuned to this process page and by participating in public consultations and webinars. 


26 April - 24 May 2022

FSC launched a call for applicants for technical working group members. 

15 March 2022

The FSC Board of Directors approves the full revision of four normative documents  through a technical working group.

December 2021

The Policy and Standards Committee agrees with the recommendations of review report and supports revision.

September 2021 - October 2021

Review report draft 1-0 for 30 days public consultation in FSC Consultation Platform from September 13 to 12 October 2021.


July 2021 - August 2021

Internal stakeholder review for preparation of review report and identification of alignment needs.