This standard was developed in accordance with FSC's normative documents for the development and maintenance of Forest Stewardship Standards. The document is designed to be applied to all forest types and sizes in Canada except for: a) forests that are less than or equal to 1,000 ha in size, b) forests with a harvesting rate of less than 20% of the mean annual growth in timber, and either an annual harvest or an annual average harvest of less than 5,000 m3 (averaged over the 5-year certificate lifetime) and c) any forestry operation managed by a local government, community group, First Nation or community-held corporation for the benefit of the entire community, in which profits are cycled back into the community, and has a total area less than or equal to 80,000 ha in size. The scope of the standard does not cover non-timber forest products. Revisions of Forest Stewardship Standards are ongoing, and all existing standards will be transferred to the revised Principles & Criteria version 5-2. All standards are valid until replaced by a new Forest Stewardship Standard.

FSC-STD-CAN-01-2018 EN Canada NFSS.pdf