Requirements for promotional use of the FSC trademarks by non-certificate holders


FSC-STD-50-002 (V1-0)



Start Date

July 2017


Specifies requirements for use of FSC trademarks by non-certificate holders.


To streamline the trademark requirements for promotional use of the FSC® trademarks by non-certificate holders, to enhance and ease the promotion of FSC certified products. In addition, it aims to address Motion 29, which was passed at the 2014 FSC general assembly.

Technical working Group

Network Partners

  • Ulrich Malessa, FSC Germany
  • Rachele Perazzolo, FSC Italy
  • Beth Bennett, FSC UK
  • Paola Cassana, FSC Latin America
  • Jayco Fung, FSC Asia Pacific
  • Jenny (Wood) Anderson, FSC USA


1 March 2019
Revised FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders Available
18 September 2018
Webinars for stakeholders - second draft of the FSC Trademark Use Guide For Promotional Licence Holders
6 September & 18 September 2018
Webinars for stakeholders
3 September 2018 - 1 October 2018
Second draft of the revised FSC Trademark Use Guide For Promotional Licence Holders is open for consultation
31 January 2018 & 1 February 2018
Webinars for stakeholders - first draft of the revised trademark standard (FSC-STD-50-002 V2-0)
15 January 2018 - 15 March 2018
First draft of the trademark standard (FSC-STD-50-002 V2-0) open for consultation
August 2017
Working Group Established to Revise FSC Trademark Standard
July 2017
Open call to join a working group established for the revision of the trademark standard (FSC-STD-50-002 V1-0)
July 2017 – ongoing
The consultative forum open
February 2017
Terms of reference (ToR) for the working group approved by the project steering committee


Documents - First Consultation

FSC-STD-50-002 (V1-0) TOR Technical Working Group
PDF, Size: 489.23KB
Crosswalk FSC-STD-50-002 V1-0 and V2-0-EN
PDF, Size: 1.21MB
Impact assessment of revised FSC-STD-50-002-EN
PDF, Size: 648.59KB
First Draft - FSC-STD-50-002 V2-0 EN
PDF, Size: 1.37MB
Требования к использованию товарных знаков FSC рекламных целях несертифицированными пользователями_RU
PDF, Size: 1.43MB
Results of the first public consultation of requirements for FSC trademark use by non-certificate holders
PDF, Size: 1.55MB

Documents - Second Consultation

Crosswalk FSC-STD-50-002 V1-0 and Guide_EN
PDF, Size: 713.66KB
Impact assessment of the revised requirements_EN
PDF, Size: 568.92KB
Results of the second public consultation FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders
PDF, Size: 841.26KB