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FSC-STD-50-001 Requirements for use of the FSC® trademarks by certificate holders

Document purpose

This document contains the requirements and guidelines for using Forest Stewardship Council trademarks by FSC certificate holders. It covers the labelling and promotion of products with FSC trademarks, as well as the promotion of an organization’s status as an FSC certificate holder.

Process objectives

General objective: revision of the Trademark Standard to ensure its applicability, relevance, and clarity among FSC certificate holders.

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March 2024

We organized a thematic workshop series and invited all stakeholders to participate. The first workshop focused on using the FSC trademarks in digital environments (websites, social media, e-commerce). The second workshop looked at FSC on-product labelling.  Registration is closed.

Revising FSC-STD-50-001: FSC Trademarks in Digital Environments 

English:  Tuesday, 12th  March 09:00 (CET) and 16:00 (CET) 

Spanish: Wednesday, 13th March 16:00 (CET) 

Revising FSC-STD-50-001: FSC On-product Labelling  

English:    Tuesday, 19 March 09:00 (CET) and 16:00 (CET) 

Spanish:   Thursday, 21th March 16:00 (CET) 


Following the revision process as described in FSC-PRO-01-001 V(4-0)The Development and Revision of FSC Requirements, we organized a focused consultation. The consultation was open for 30 days from 15 March to 15 April on the consultation platform. The consultation was provided in English and Spanish only, but comments could be provided in any FSC official language.

January 2024

As part of our webinar series, we are engaging with Certificate holders.

Registration closed for English and Spanish webinar sessions.

November 2023

As part of our webinar series, we are engaging with FSC International staff, FSC Network Partners, and Certification bodies.

Registration closed for sessions addressed to FSC International staff and FSC Network Partners.

Registration closed for sessions addressed to Certification bodies.

October 2023

Please sign up here to be informed about this process and the key updates.

September 2023

Kick-off of the revision process.

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