Finding Forest Certification that Works for Communities

We are building pathways for small-scale and community forests to achieve certification on multiple fronts; by adapting our regulatory framework and creating optimal market conditions. FSC is a responsible forest certification system with international credibility, which we have worked with small-scale and community forest owners to make more applicable and less costly. We are doing this through pilot testing, development and revisions of the standard framework and proof of concept. 


Community and Family Forests Program
Community and Family Forests

Processes Around the World to Increase FSC's Impact for Community and Family Forests

SLIMF Man Duo Tone


This standard revision is looking at small and low-intensity managed forests (SLIMF) to expand the scope and include all uses of the SLIMF concept to improve consistency and transparency.

Shunchang Forest Duo Tone

Asia Pacific Regional Standard

Throughout the Asia-Pacific region, many thousands of smallholders with very small pockets of land predominate. People generally have limited access to education, and there is a high level of poverty. They may...


Smallholder Pilot Test in USA

This pilot is based in the Southern and Central Appalachian region of the United States, where more than half of the forest land is owned by private landowners, with 39 million hectares of forests of less than...

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Groups Standard

FSC has developed a Forest Management Groups Standard to allow organizations to join together to form a single "group" and share costs.

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Continuous Improvement Procedure

This procedure, currently under development, will allow a gradual approach to certification.

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National Standards

FSC has developed criteria for national standard developers to incorporate into their national standards and help streamline certification requirements for community and family forests