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3 Steps to sign your FSC Trademark License Agreement

The TLA is a legal document which determines the relationship between FSC and the organization holding an FSC certification. It grants you the right to use the FSC trademarks for both on-product labelling and promotional use - provided prior approval was given by your certification body. The new FSC TLA determines new rules that improve FSC’s ability to uncover and block organizations selling non-certified products. Its legal requirements are set out in the so-called GDPR, the European legislation governing data protection. You can sign the new TLA electronically, at any time, on a wide variety of devices. 


Step 1: Choose preferred language

Add license code and certification type, preferred language 

Step 2: Confirm legal name

Add legal form and name of the organization, VAT number

Step 3: Designate legal representative

Add legal representative or authorized person, contact details


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The FSC Certification Portal 

The FSC certification portal will be used by FSC to communicate about any revision of the certification requirements. This way the certificate holder can receive certification requirement updates from both their certification body and from FSC directly. Thanks to this modernization, several administrative steps involving the certification body, will not be necessary anymore.


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For any problems relating to the FSC certification portal or the electronic signature, you can write an email to connect@fsc.org.

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