The Continuous Improvement Procedure offers a flexible way for The Organization managing small or low intensity managed forest (SLIMF) or community forests, within or outside a group, to access FSC forest management certification, by conforming to the applicable FSC standard progressively throughout the first certification cycle comprised of five (5) years or, in case of group members, the first 5 years of the group membership.


PMC Anexo 2 a Plan de Acción P&C V5.xlsm

FSC-PRO-30-011_ PMC-Anexo 1_ Autoeveluación de Conformidad.xlsm

PMC Anexo 2 b Plan de Acción P&C V4.xlsm



FSC-PRO-30-011_CIP_Annex2a_Action Plan P&C V5.xlsm

FSC-PRO-30-011_CIP_Annex2b_Action Plan P&C V4.xlsm

FSC-PRO-30-011_CIP_Annex 3 _Specifications for Local experts.pdf

FSC-PRO-30-011_CIP_Anexo 3 _Especificaciones para expertos locales.pdf