FSC Public Search – Certificate Data

Visit the new FSC Search (https://search.fsc.org/), currently in a public Beta version.  The public Beta of the FSC Search is a pre-release version made available to the public for testing and feedback.  Visit FSC Search BETA for information about the FSC Search current and future features, known issues, and how to share feedback about the FSC Search with FSC.

The official launch of the FSC Search is planned to take place later in 2023, and the FSC Certificate Public Dashboard will continue to be available until this time.

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FSC Certificates Public Dashboard

Certificate information is updated and available on our FSC Certificate Public Dashboard. The dashboard is provided via Microsoft’s Power BI Platform (see Microsoft’s Privacy statement) via the following link: FSC Certificate Public Dashboard

A list of Accredited Certification Bodies is available on the Assurance Services International (ASI) Web site.

You can also search for:

 How to Search

  1. Either:
    - Type in the text box what you are searching for (it can be any part of the License Code, Certificate Code or, Local Name or Organization Name – you do not need to enter the full text),
    - or Clear the text using the eraser button just to the right
  2. Select additional filters as per your needs.
  3. List of results appears.
  4. Right click (on a computer) or press and hold (on a smartphone) to bring up the menu and select Drill through > Certificate Detail to get full details on individual certificates.

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Viewing Long Lists of Data

The Certificate Detail page can display lists of products and lists of Group Members. To view the full list without limited in-page scrolling, you can try “Focus mode” to zoom in and expand a list to see more detail. Focus mode can be used by selecting the Focus mode icon located at the top, right-hand corner of the list.



Printing Certificate Details

We have gathered feedback from stakeholders regarding the ability to print certificate details, and we are sharing the following Web browser extensions that may help with printing certificate details.


Installation of browser extensions is at the risk of users, e.g. as explained here. These extensions are not provided by FSC, and FSC does not guarantee their security. Users should make their own decisions about their comfort level in installing and using such browser extensions.

FSC Statement on Information Security Incident from 8 February 2022